Purchase Agreement for Trest Solar Controller



  • Company Name: Trest
  • Address: 74450 Morgongåva, Nyängsvägen 4
  • Contact Information: Max Klevebrand, Phone: 46737730072, Email: [email protected]


Description of the Purchase

The subject of this agreement is as follows:

  • A Solar Controller consisting of a Raspberry Pi and an SD card included in a one-time cost of 2490 SEK. This one-time cost includes the SD card.
  • The device is designed to retrieve data from a Sungrow inverter using a "WiNet" module and subscription-based software. The device will communicate with the inverter and adjust its settings to adapt to different energy modes. Energy modes may include functions like "discharge" or "charge," and more energy modes may be added over time.

Price and Payment

  • The buyer agrees to pay a one-time cost of 2490 SEK for the Raspberry Pi and the SD card. This one-time cost includes the SD card.
  • Subsequently, the buyer agrees to pay a monthly fee of 50 SEK. Discounts are available for the purchase of subscription packages for 6 or 12 months.
  • All billing and payments will be handled through Stripe.


Delivery scope and method will be specified separately for this purchase.


  • The Raspberry Pi and the SD card are entirely owned by the buyer. The software used to operate the device is owned by Trest.

Data Protection and Privacy

  • Data collected by Trest is only account information to keep track of the buyer's device and to link the device to the software.
  • No data is shared with other companies or authorities and can be deleted at any time at https://trest.se/Home/Mypage.
  • See our privacy policy at https://trest.se/Home/Privacy for more information.


  • No warranties apply to the device. If Sungrow publishes any updates that prevent the device from communicating with the WiNet module, there is no guarantee that the software will function as intended.

User Support

  • Users can receive support by emailing [email protected], but there is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) that determines response times for support.


We do not provide refunds.

Changes to the Agreement

The user terms may change over time and will be communicated via email to all users when there are changes.

This purchase agreement was last updated on: 2023-11-02.