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Whats it capable of?

We thought that the communication with the Sungrow/iSolarCloud inverters where both to hard to understand and to hard to develop with. Our vision is to not make stuff more complicated than it needs to be. Therefore we created the Trest Solar Controller, this device acts as a bridge to the WiNet module on the inverter. With this device we can create simple and easy to understand communication with the Controller which then takes care of the difficult communication with the inverter.

With this simple device to use, we can create awesome schemas and reactive actions, like buying electricity on the cheapest hours during the night or selling electricity when the prices peak. There is a built-in 'bot' we call it, and it uses a schema to make sure to do the best actions based on your household automatically. This bot doesnt need to be used, but we are lazy people and just want stuff to always work automatically, we love when stuff just work as they should in the background. If the bot doesnt act as you want, you can of cource override it with your own preferred actions.

The only requirement we have is that you need to have the WiNet module for your Sungrow inverter to make this work. Additionally, a battery for your grid is also required.

We're also home automation entusiasts, and we have integrated a lot of 'hard to integrate' devices over the years. Because of this we strive to make our Controller as simple as possible to use for other developers, the Cloud service that the Controller communicates with is therefore OpenApi so that anyone can integrate, extend and develop with this device without a hassle. We have also as a kickstart-created a Homey Pro and Home Assistant integration that is OpenSource on Github, they can either be used as examples for your own integration or be extended to fit your needs.


You can find our full documentation at: